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Categories and datasets on the Open Data portal
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Categories and datasets on the Open Data portal

Proper description and categorisation of information can greatly facilitate access to it, especially when there are many data sets on the portal.

Categories and datasets on the Open Data portal
Open Data

Data on the Open Data portal can be organised, grouped and searched in a relatively flexible way. The basic criteria characterising data sets are:

  •   Data provider (source, sharing organisation) and
  •   Category (group created by the scope of the information, e.g. Transport, Education, City Hall, etc.) and
  •   Key words (Tags assigned to a collection)li
  •   Degree of data openness (according to classification 5 Star)li
  •   Data format (pdf, doc, xls, gml, csv, etc.)li
  •   How to share (file, API)li
  •   Frequency of updates
  •   Date of last update
  •   The conditions shall be made available to them

All the above attributes can be used as a basis for searching or sorting and grouping. You can also search for information using the full text search engine.

Proper description and categorisation of information can greatly facilitate access to it, especially when there are many data sets on the portal. The way of defining e.g. a data category may be an important element of intuitive use of the Open Data portal.

Example of information sets and their categorisation:


  • Citizens’ budgets – list of projects in individual years
  • Citizens’ budgets – results of votes by year
  • City budget – reports on the implementation of the plan for the implementation of the revenue-spending plan for each year
  • Register of contracts
  • List of municipal real estate
  • List of building permit decisions
  • List of building permit decisions
  • List of points with concessions for the sale of alcohol
  • Municipal premises for rent sale
  • Registers of expenditure of public entities and institutions
  • Voting results in local government elections
  • Driving licences – statistics on documents issued
  • Financial statements
  • Records of benefits
  • List of administrative units
  • Register of meetings


  • Municipal Bike Stations
  • City Bike Rental Lists
  • Public transport timetables
  • Location of public transport vehicles on the route
  • Passenger transport statistics
  • Filling of municipal car parks
  • Occupied individual registration plates
  • List of bus stops for tramways
  • Information from the DIP boards at bus stops
  • Planned and current and historical data on road repairs, detours
  • Results of fuel quality control at service stations
  • Collisions and accidents
  • Results of fuel quality control at service stations
  • List of vehicle control stations


  • Schools and educational establishments
  • City libraries
  • Statistics on graduation exam results
  • Statistics on attendance, school trips, teacher training
  • Statistics on student achievement (competitions, Olympics)
  • Statistics on lunches, use of common rooms, libraries
  • Number of pupils in schools, classes
  • School budgets
  • Extra-curricular activity statistics
  • Accidents in schools and educational establishments
  • Financial statements of establishments


  • Municipal Internet Access Points
  • Borders of settlements
  • Addresses and destinations
  • Mining areas, damage categories
  • Register of monuments


  • Registration – statistics broken down by age of gender of the housing estate Births, deaths
  • Migration of the population
  • Education,
  • Households, families, social and economic structure
  • Statistics on the homeless
  • List of sports clubs
  • Playgrounds and playgrounds
  • Sports facilities
  • Budgets


  • Social care homes
  • Ordinary associations
  • Crime in specific areas
  • Marriages, divorces, separations
  • Deprivation, suspension and restriction of parental authority
  • Employment, unemployment
  • Recruitment through the Employment Office
  • Benefits
  • Survivors’ pensions
  • Pension insurance
  • Births, deaths
  • Migration of the population
  • Training, professional activation
  • Religious organisations and institutions
  • List of police stations, districts


  • Database of places and events
  • Gallery’s activities
  • Database of institutions which
  • Architectural, ethnographic, religious buildings
  • Weather conditions – readings from weather stations in different locations of the city
  • Results of surface water monitoring
  • Results of air quality monitoring
  • Warnings
  • Landfill sites


  • KRS Register List of shops with locations
  • List of service establishments
  • List of bodies carrying out checks Results of commercial inspection, quality, marking, etc.
  • Quality of tap water


  • List of tour operators
  • List of accommodation facilities
  • List of monuments
  • Hiking trails
  • Education pathways
  • Technical monuments


  • Statistics on Internet access
  • List of city hotspots
  • Investment in the access network

At Whiteaster, we are developing Open Data portals to help spread access to information. Structured and published data can be a list of the city’s transparencies. Contact us to find out more.

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