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Dedicated software development

Are you looking for a dedicated software suited for your needs? Let’s talk and see how we can support your business and bring it to the brand new level with our technology. During the first meeting we want to know the challenge you have and the solution you are looking for. Thanks to our many years of experience, not only in software houses but also in strategic management of international corporations, we will be able to suggest the best and most cost-effective solution for your business. It is you who finally decides how your mobile or web application will look like. Contact us if you are looking for web or mobile applications, bsp applications, marketplace platform or any other solution.

Web and mobile app development

Our custom made mobile and web applications are based on the newest technology on the market. Every day we use machine learning and artificial intelligence to maximize our clients’ businesses’ potential. We don’t only code – with Whiteaster you will get idea, product, implementation and deployment. We also offer ready-to-use solutions (check our product tab) that can be adjusted or developed according to your needs.


In our portfolio we have mature IT systems ready to be implemented in our customers. Both the technology of application execution and its functional and visual layer make them market leaders in their category. We recommend that you pay special attention: Open Data Whiteaster – a city portal for publishing open data and PROsystem – a web application for project management.


Web applications

In order to grow in a competitive market, companies must come up with unique ideas. These unique ideas require non-standard solutions, and this is where we are No.1.
Our programmers are experts in creating unusual, unique web applications. We have experience in implementing very complex solutions, combining various technologies and carrying out complex processes. We are not afraid of challenges!

Mobile applications

We are experts in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android.

We have extensive experience in creating complex mobile applications and mobile-web applications – managed from the web application (management panel) level.

The design and implementation of mobile applications for our clients is carried out with the active cooperation of a project team consisting of web application programmers and the UX/UI team. Thanks to that our applications are not only functional but also visually attractive and intuitive to use.

Our portfolio includes, among other things, the implementation of complex mobile applications using map bases or Augmented Reality technology.

Whiteaster Open Data

We are the author of the only commercial and ready to implement software in Poland for running an urban open data portal – Whiteaster Open Data. Its aim is to facilitate access to public information and re-use (re-use) of public sector information for all interested parties. The Whiteaster Open Data portal is our proprietary solution, based on the latest IT tools and solutions.

Machine learning

At Whiteaster, we have experience in processing and analysing vast amounts of data. By using advanced analytical mechanisms – Machine Learning (ML) – which is one of the areas of artificial intelligence (AI), systems are created that learn to analyze and interpret the vast amount of data from which they perform the desired actions. Solutions based on Machine Learning adapt to the needs of their users as much as possible and effectively improve the work of any business.


We develop sales systems.
Marketplace (e-commerce) is nothing more than a website (but also its version in the form of a mobile application) where many vendors  offer their products/solutions and direct them to a wide audience/buyers served by the platform operator.

marketplace platform software

We have extensive experience in implementing systems based on Machine Learning.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with examples of realizations in this area.

An example of implementing machine learning processes in the financial industry

The aim is to bring closer the process of creating, selecting algorithms and evaluating data in order to achieve the intended goal of improving and accelerating decision-making.

Face recognition, age estimation, verification – ML

The project consisted of the following modules :

Face detection
Liveness detection (detection of user's life span)
User age estimation
Age verification with the use of identity card
User verification with ID card

Technology for recognising human emotions in the virtual reality environment (VR) based on machine learning

The goal of the research project was to verify the possibility of recognising emotions based on human reactions. The project investigated 5 key emotions: fear, sadness, dread, joy and neutral state.

Paweł Lechowicz

Our cooperation was professional, timely and flawless.  The Whiteaster team carries out projects in agile methodologies, providing us with ongoing contact and great assistance at every stage of the order. We are pleased to give references to the company that has prepared for us an application to visualize photovoltaic panels on building roofs.

Paweł Lechowicz
President / Strefa Energii
Sławomir Świder

The implementation of software for publication of Open Data in the Internet is a project that was carried out for us by Whiteaster sp. z o.o. We are very satisfied with the work we have done, the professionalism and friendly approach we have met with deserves special recognition. The Whiteaster team showed a very good knowledge of aspects related to the idea of open data. The implemented Open Data portal is modern, rich in functionality, yet intuitive and easy to use

Sławomir Świder
Deputy Director of IT and Telecommunication Service Office / Rzeszów City Hall

Innovator of Silesia 2020

Whiteaster received a distinction in the Innovator of Silesia 2020 competition

Are Polish cities equal to smart Vienna?

Vienna is considered to be the most intelligent city in the world. The high standard of living in Austria's smart city is primarily the result of efficient management.

PROsystem. Application supporting the implementation of projects and publication of information.

The projects implemented by the City are a subject of keen interest to a wide range of residents. Investments and renovations are the basic elements of urban infrastructure development.

Analysis of good data quality The success of any business

The data can boldly be described as 21st century oil. We call data a huge, often chaotic collection of information with invaluable business value.

Legal basis for implementation of the Open Data Portal

The construction of Open Data Portals is part of your strategy and supports the implementation of objectives related to and resulting from legal regulations and the programme of extending access to public data.

The best applications created with open data

We repeatedly say how valuable access to open data is for economic development. Thanks to public data made available in an open form, entrepreneurs introduce a number of revolutionary solutions to the market.

The brain-computer interface – what is it and what potential does it have for business?

Mind control has always been one of humanity's key dreams. Devices enabling communication and control by means of human thoughts no longer belong only to the world of science fiction, but to the current reality, which has enormous business potential.
About us

Whiteaster is an IT software development company found in 2017 by 2 IT enthusiasts. Today it consists of 30 talented and ambitious people – experts in the field of new technologies, who are into web and mobile app development on a daily basis. We are experts in machine learning software and artificial intelligence technologies. We create solutions both for the private and public sector (also administration departments).

While working on new projects and products we always put their functionality and intuitiveness first, regardless of their intended use. Therefore, it is important for us to use the best practices of User Experience and User Interface. An individual approach to each project allows us to provide our customers with tailor-made, fully personalized, dedicated software solutions that meet their needs. Most projects are carried out on the basis of the Agile methodology, which is characterized by cooperation with the client at every stage of the project, and gives an open approach to introduce changes and improvements during its duration. Satisfied customer is the primary goal of our company.

Do you want to take your business to the next level and increase your profit? Technology is an obvious solution. Contact us even if you don’t know yet what is the application you are looking for. We will be happy to find the perfect solution with you. We are here for you and your business.

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