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Map presentation module in Open Data portal 

The Whiteaster Open Data portal is a map portal. 

GISee module of Open Data portal enables viewing map data. Shared map resources (similarly to other types of resources in the system) can be downloaded in source format or reused, e.g. to create mobile applications, using API (Application Programming Interface). 

The application integrates GIS functionalities, allowing to support map compositions, which are source files in GPKG format. It is possible to extend GIS functionalities with additional formats of map compositions files: GPX, WMS. Currently, in the scope of functionality beyond GIS, the portal enables presentation of map views from KML and GEOJSON format files and tabular ones: CSV, XLS, XLSX.



GISee Module of Open Data portal

The application is built in a two-layer architecture – in terms of GIS frontend data presentation it cooperates with a backend using WFS, WMS, WMTS. 

Therefore, making these services available to the public does not require significant modifications to the solution.

Data sets, containing resources in the form of GPKG files, are presented in the GISee module in a dedicated view – a map viewer enabling the user: 

  • change of the map background selected from the available backgrounds; 
  • switching on/off vector object layers; 
  • change the transparency of layers; 
  • viewing sets of layers according to their subject matter, e.g.: map for a cyclist, map for a tourist, WiFi access points etc.

GISee is a solution that will meet your expectations!

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