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The Whiteaster Open Data portal is used to run the city’s open data portal

Its aim is to facilitate access to public information and the re-use (re-use) of public sector information for all concerned. The portal can be used by any internet user, without restrictions. The data published in the portal comes from different urban units. The Whiteaster Open Data portal serves as a repository of public data, enabling storage, interactive access and re-use through the API of the aforementioned data. Extensive functionality and implemented implementations testify to the maturity of the solution.

Machine learning is also in our field of activity.

Presentation of data

Open Data Portal Software allows you to preview files in a convenient form – tables, bar graphs, line graphs, as well as maps and pdf files.

Data is presented in various ways – in the form of tables, maps, charts and images. The message is simple and clear;

Automatic conversion and processing of data entered in the form of graphs, tables, graphics, etc.

open data portal

Search Engine

This function allows you to find information in a dataset, in a specific file or even in compressed resources.

open data portal software

Tag cloud and categories

The documents are grouped into categories and the user can already access them from the homepage. Moreover, each set of data has its own category and tags in the tag cloud.

Categorisation of data sets – transport, education, sport and recreation, demography, spatial data, events, social or environmental issues

the whiteaster open data portal


Possibility to share data via API – to be used as a data source for other systems

open data portal


Individually tailored design of the portal

open data portal software


The administrator is able to manage user requests thanks to a customized inbox. Each request has an individual status, which helps the administrator to control the requests.

Flexible definition of responsibilities and rights – to update and publish the data, allowing you to be part of the organisation of the Office’s work;

the whiteaster open data portal

Content management

Publication of additional information (CMS) – for example news, news, etc.

Possibility to share data in social media channels

open data portal

Mayor, it’s time to open your city’s data

Adding data sets by the administrator

Fast data sharing that doesn’t require any additional skills and time from administrative staff.

Searching for data in our Open Data Portal

An efficient search engine that allows you to search for results not only within individual categories, but also in the files themselves – this solution enables quick and accurate access to the data you are interested in.

Interesting data presentation

Data is presented in many ways – as tables, maps, charts and images. The message is simple and transparent for users.

Adding data sets by the administrator

Adding a resource where the data source is a database. This allows the data to be updated automatically without the intervention of employees.

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The benefits of an open data portal can be divided into three groups of recipients respectively.

The first beneficiary is society. The inhabitants of cities and municipalities themselves, not only gain full access to data without application or additional charges, but also receive knowledge, for example, about weather conditions or air pollution, possible difficulties in road transport, what the citizen’s budget is like, what the city’s zoning plan looks like, where to find points where free legal aid is provided, and whether there is a disease epidemic and others in the city.
The city becomes transparent to them, and they become more involved in social issues.

The second group is made up of Local Government Units themselves. Open data portals are an internal database for the municipalities themselves and contribute to facilitating communication between the individual departments of the municipality or organisational units they work with. The data update themselves, which means that there is no need to keep separate registers and to enter data each time they want to use them. This, in turn, is reflected in the greater efficiency and comfort of officials. In addition, open data results in fewer requests for public data.

The third and last group includes entrepreneurs, companies which, thanks to open data, their analyses and re-use, can potentially decide to build a business in a given city. It is also an excellent environment for innovation (start-ups or hackathons).

Product of the year 2018 - Software dedicated to public administration - Whiteaster Open Data Portal

Product of the year 2018 - Software dedicated to public administration - Whiteaster Open Data Portal

Distinction in the competition Innovator of Silesia 2020 - Whiteaster Open Data Portal

Distinction in the competition Innovator of Silesia 2020 - Whiteaster Open Data Portal

Sławomir Świder

The implementation of software for publication of Open Data in the Internet is a project that was carried out for us by Whiteaster sp. z o.o. We are very satisfied with the work we have done, the professionalism and friendly approach we have met with deserves special recognition. The Whiteaster team showed a very good knowledge of aspects related to the idea of open data. The implemented Open Data portal is modern, rich in functionality, yet intuitive and easy to use

Sławomir Świder
Deputy Director of IT and Telecommunication Service Office / Rzeszów City Hall
APA Group
Urban Lab
UM Krakow
UM Jaworzno
UM Rzeszów
Strefa Energii
ZOO Chorzów

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