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Machine Learning is one of the areas of artificial intelligence responsible for making advanced analytical mechanisms on a huge volume of data – Big Data.

Systems based on Machine Learning represent the future in almost every field of business. Solutions based on AI are used by specialists in such fields as finance, medicine, sales, marketing or customer service.

You certainly care about running a profitable and future-oriented business.

Growing profits, a large number of customers, specialised employees and… well, the increasing number of data that require analysis and interpretation. Unfortunately, analysis of such a huge amount of data turns out to be extremely time-consuming, and often even unrealistic to perform at least by a human being.

A modern approach is the key to success in today’s world, so in order to streamline their operations, companies use Artificial Intelligence/AI support.

Dedicated web applications are systems supporting your business. We produce them according to your needs and requirements. We take an individual approach to each of them, which is very important for us, resulting in a large group of satisfied customers.

The Marketplace is also a place to build a community around a chosen industry, for which it is dedicated.

Paweł Lechowicz

Our cooperation was professional, timely and flawless.  The Whiteaster team carries out projects in agile methodologies, providing us with ongoing contact and great assistance at every stage of the order. We are pleased to give references to the company that has prepared for us an application to visualize photovoltaic panels on building roofs.

Paweł Lechowicz
President / Strefa Energii
APA Group
Urban Lab
UM Krakow
UM Jaworzno
UM Rzeszów
Strefa Energii
ZOO Chorzów

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