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This solution was realized on behalf of a client from the geodesic industry, whose goal was to develop an application that would enable the implementation of specialized missions. The developed platform provides a good basis for developing further applications. The possibilities offered by the solution developed by us are 

  • route planning,
  • scanning of sensors (data collection),
  • autonomous execution of manoeuvres depending on the information obtained
  • automatic modification of the drone’s flight route in relation to the acquired information.

This application allows you to indicate the points where the seismic sensors are located, as well as to determine the route (several methods, in the type based on Machine Learning) and launch the mission. Then everything is done automatically. After the mission is finished, you will see a report showing the route and where the detectors with their parameters were found.

We have equipment on which we are able to carry out tests and simulations, and a team of qualified employees with UAVO BVLOS 25kg privileges, thanks to which we can fly multiflight aircraft out of sight.


Innovator of Silesia 2020

Whiteaster received a distinction in the Innovator of Silesia 2020 competition

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