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Our project management application has been created to improve everyday work in companies and organizations. The task management system has been developed on the basis of real problems and helps in tasks such as project planning, financial control, staff management, and time verification. The web-based application is designed to increase the comfort of work of all employees.
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar
  • Reports
  • Dashboard
  • Financial control
Gantt Chart
A clear schedule that allows you to view the status of the project in real and historical time. You can also export data in pdf format to your computer.
Individual calendar of tasks for each day that is integrated with notifications about upcoming deadlines.
Automatic export of financial data, work time settlements and time schedules. There are filters available and the possibility to save a template for a project report.
Convenient interface with quick access to the most important system functions. The dashboard is adapted to the role that was given to the user.
Financial control
Ability to add invoices and files for specific tasks in the project. The function is available for financial departments. Transparent charts allow you to control invoicing projects.
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Creating a project
Fill in step-by-step project data by creating tasks and subtasks, including adding budget and files in a variety of formats.
Creating a report
Automatically generated reports in the form of xls, ready to be downloaded to your computer.
Manage departments and employees by assigning them specific roles and tasks in the project. Create new departments and subdivisions for the project.
What do you gain?
Saving working time
Better comfort of work for all team members
Ordered documentation of the entire project
Possibility to modify the system functions for individual needs
Control and increasement of employee productivity
Transparency of actions
We will send you a link to the application with your login and password on your e-mail. You will be able to use all the functions of the system and check how the application can improve your everyday work.

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