Machine Learning

Solutions based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence create brand new possibilities in the areas of marketing, sales and broadly understood customer service.

Thanks to the processing and analysing huge amount of data in real time, software is able to adapt to the needs and expectations of the user. That means that the company reaches completely new level of customer relations.

What is machine learning? Machine Learning is a branch of IT that builds mathematical models capable of assimilating knowledge based on examples and using it in decision making process, prepares recommendations or developing forecasts.

Machine Learning technology is currently used in many industries, enabling for example:

Few examples

Setting the driving route taking into account various factors such as traffic and obstructions in road traffic, as well as information from GPS users (their driving habits and preferences)

Handwriting recognition

Image analysis - used for example with and aim of obtaining good-quality photos, face recognition, detecting unusual behaviour and picture diagnosis used in medicine.

Text analysis, including verification of punctuation and syntax errors, and interpretation of content.

Diagnosis in technical and medical sectors

Regulation and control in the different areas: from industrial automation to driving vehicles (ALVINN) and robots.

Recommendation systems in search engines, social networks and e-commerce.

Speech and voice recognition

Forecasting - a huge area of usage: from prediction of anomalies in industry, through weather phenomena and financial exchanges, to medicine.

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