Case Study

Working on a project in the public sector brings many challenges, such as strategic task planning, staff management, cooperation with contractors and financial control of the entire project. It should be remembered that every project is a dynamic, evolving process requiring constant supervision.

Project management in the public sector



Increasing of work comfort in the Municipal Investments Department

Our goal was to improve project management processes in the way that the records of the work were error-free and quick. We wanted to eliminate the risk or mistakes centralize the database of documents and create a common work environment for all project participants. The system’s role is to increase the comfort of work and the transparency of the office's activities.


Project Implementation

The web application has been built basing on real problems experienced by employees of municipal offices. The system is the result of conversations and constant cooperation with its future users. Thanks to getting to know the specifics of the work of the Municipal Investments Department at one of the largest Polish cities, we were able to create a fully automatic project management system.



An automatic system that aggregates project data

  1. Automated report generation Fast creation of extensive reports from finished projects. Automatic export of financial data, work time settlements and time schedules.

  2. Project’s records Project control when it comes to budget, invoices and work duration.
    Transparent data presentation on the Gantt chart. Available filters to help you find tasks in the project.

  3. Planning own and team members’ tasks. Individual tasks calendar for each day, integrated with the notification system that informs about deadlines.

  4. Verification of employees work time Monitoring the status of tasks and the efficiency of employees' work.
    A clear view of the calendar makes it easier to plan activities for each day.

  5. Notifications Notifications adjusted to the role of the user in a given project, informing about the status of tasks and upcoming deadlines.

  6. Financial control Adding invoices and files for specific tasks in the project.
    Automatic invoice management system, dedicated to accounting departments.



Investment project management application

We have created a coherent tool for project management at its every stage, adapted to different roles assigned to employees in the project. The application is dedicated to the Management Staff, Project Managers, Employees and the Finance Department. Available functionalities aggregate the database of documents, reports and invoices that are necessary to manage the project, with the possibility of modifications of the system's functions according to individual needs.

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