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Artificial intelligence in industry – it pays off!
Machine Learning
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Artificial intelligence in industry – it pays off!

Do you think that industry simply does not fit into the IT world? On the contrary! See how much industrial production can gain when it opens up to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence in industry – it pays off!
Machine Learning

Do you think that industry simply does not fit into the IT world? On the contrary! See how much industrial production can gain when it opens up to artificial intelligence.

Improve production by 1% gain millions

The aforementioned, invariably prevailing stereotype of not having to combine industry with modern IT solutions results in the truth of the colloquial statement that heavy industry is often very backward. However, this seemingly unfavourable state of affairs leads to the fact that an improvement in production of as much as 1% brings big profits, and an improvement of 5% to 10% means millions or even tens of millions more income. 

What is the problem?

The machine learning used in industry brings really impressive benefits. Unfortunately, the combination of the latest technology with heavy industry faces a significant technical problem. Well, the key to the success of Machine Learning is data, or rather access to a huge amount of data. Unfortunately, in heavy industry, data is simply missing or very badly collected. However, this is certainly not a situation without a solution, because with a little extra time spent building the right device, valuable data will be collected gradually. 

However, there is also another significant obstacle, which is no longer a technical problem but a mental one, and is on the side of people who are not technology. This is the scepticism of management in industrial sectors. Their long maturing to the decision to use the latest technology is often an insurmountable barrier. 

Application of Machine Learning on production

We can distinguish several significant ML applications in the manufacturing industry:

  • Quality control of manufactured products,
  • Optimising the efficiency of production processes. In other words, optimising machine parameters in order to produce products of the best quality.
  • Predictive maintenance, i.e. prevention of downtime on the production line, thanks to algorithms predicting machine wear based on measurement data from sensors.
  • Export systems based on the analysis of the most common problems serve to improve the quality and efficiency of work of engineers employed in production. 

Do you run a business related to the industrial sector and think about implementing artificial intelligence technology? Do you need a consultation? We kindly invite you to contact us.

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